Dr. Mena Khan

Central Michigan University

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Central Michigan University


I have four years of simulation experience which include varying levels of leadership. I began as a Simulation Educator, I expanded this role as a Clinical Instructor and trainer for other more novice and new Educators, moved into management as a Simulation Program Manager serving undergraduate medical education, and currently work as the Assistant Director of Medical Simulation at a Program that provides services to undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education and continuing medical education. My experience includes working with various simulation modalities including low and high fidelity manikins, task trainers as well as Standardized Patients. I have been a faculty trainer for debriefing techniques and helped to ensure quality control and standardization. I have also bolstered my experience by adding simulation education to my skill set. Currently, at CMU, my job duties encompass assisting with program growth including helping our program become the regional resource for the greater community, spearheading the accreditation process, organizing and executing faculty training and standardization. On a more granular level, I serve as an educator, a faculty resource, create new opportunities for revenue, design and develop new educational initiatives. In addition, I assist with operations of the program, budgetary decisions, strategic decisions and serve as a liaison with our faculty colleagues.