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Kathleen McCarthy is the Simulation and Research Coordinator for the GME Simulation Center and Laparoscopic and Robotics Training Center at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio since 2011. She started her healthcare career as a Registered Nurse in 1983 and 23 years specifically Critical Care with Cardiovascular and Open Heart Intensive Care. She received her BSN in 1992 and earned her Masters of Arts in Education and Adult Education & Distance Learning in 2007 from the University of Phoenix. 2003 her career took her to Staff Development Coordinator position with her clinical specialty. This is where her love of simulation thrived. Creating learning through immersive experiences with new staff and seasoned staff. In 2008, she was recognized and awarded the President’s Award for the creation of the Critical Care Nurse Residency. Finally, in 2011 a new position for the Simulation and Research Coordinator was announced which she applied and was granted. Making a difference in the next generation of healthcare providers is critical. She can get participants excited about learning through simulation and simulation-based activities. She has created models for use in resident and medical student procedural labs for obstetrics and robotics training. She manages the LMS for Robotic Training Network resident enrollment and reporting and Sonosim enrollment support and use. She is passionate about education design, and the difference communication, teamwork, through practice impacts patient care & outcomes. She has authored, facilitated courses specifically “Care of the deteriorating patient” supporting the new graduate transitioning to nursing practice. She has facilitated simulations with nursing orientation, regionally traveled operating (HPS) in outreach education. In 2012, she successfully tested for the CHSE exam. Not a requirement but a personal need. She has very proud to have maintained her CCRN credential since 1988. She is self-directed and continually learning. She can find funding for much needed projects or equipment replacements when they are at end of life by educating the foundations, administration, and funding agents. She has authored various publications highlighting experience based learning and supporting faculty and residents in their publications & research projects. She is a charter member of the Interprofessional Committee at Mercy College lending expertise to Interprofessional education. She has created simulation based learning for the Chaplain Residency program, assisted in their accreditation documentation and creation of simulation based learning scenarios. She is currently preparing for medical student curriculum and “Boot Camps” for Interns as well as educational design for residency programs supporting faculty. She wants to become more engaged in SSIH projects where expertise can be shared to benefit others in certification or simulation development.