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Matthew Kosemund is the Medical Design & Sales Engineer at FORD Audio Video LLC. A native of southeastern Oklahoma, he moved away after finishing high school to join the United States Air Force (USAF). Matthew spent his years in the Air Force as an Aerospace Medical Technician starting out in San Antonio, Texas. He spent 9 months in Afghanistan training Afghan Police and Afghan National Army medics. After a year back in the states he was deployed to Balad, Iraq to work in the Emergency Room for 5 months. One year later he was sentenced to 4 years in England, stationed at Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath. It is here that he honed his simulation Jedi skills training medics in hospital, pre-hospital and combat medicine. He was also tasked with training all active duty personnel in Self Aid and Buddy Care. He was asked to train with the USAF Pararescuemen stationed nearby and conducted training operations with them and their British counterparts. Matthew was instrumental in designing the first NHS/US Med Corps pre-hospital simulation course which, among other things, involved both US and UK medics agreeing on a name for soccer. After he was directed by his wife to leave the Air Force, he found a place at UT Southwestern as a simulation operator, for 4 years. While at UT Southwestern Mr. Kosemund created several unique simulation devices, for which he and university secured provisional patents. He was the project manager for the universities' new 50K sq ft sim center and oversaw the procurement of over $10M in assets. The success of that project fanned the flames of passion Mr. Kosemund has for innovation and design, and he was called to the A/V integration business in 2019. He is a very passionate educator, public speaker and is dedicated to creating a safer healthcare system for patients and providers.