CAE HPS problems

Hello Colleagues, Is anyone having ongoing problems with the HPS CAE when connected to a vent?
Good evening Fellow Simops! My team had a question about running multiple sims in one large room and what your facility might do to help with clarifying audio. For example, we have four mics above each patient bed, but we still pick up groups adjacent to us. Do you guys have any tips or tricks to help focus the audio into one area? Granted, our mics are over five years old. What kinds does your facility use? Thank you!

The Kobayashi Maru

In the lore of science fiction, the story of the Kobayashi Maru stands out from the Star Trek universe. The simulation scenario, which comprises the opening scenes of the 1982 Star Trek II movie, places the trainee in command of a Federation Starship whose objective is to rescue the crew of the civilian starship Kobayashi Maru which is under attack by enemy Klingon warships in their territorial space. Any decision made by the trainee is sure to result in loss of life and destruction, a “no win” scenario that is meant to test the character of the commander, rather than his skill at the helm. Captain James T. Kirk, the fictional commanding officer of the equally ...

The 10,000 Hour Rule

The author Malcolm Gladwell spends a chapter discussing the so-called "10,000 Hour Rule" in his book "Outliers." The Rule states that it takes about 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert in a task. The Rule is considered to be controversial. However, from personal experience, I find that there may be some merit to the Rule when it applies to Healthcare. I completed my Residency in July 2003 and immediately began working at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center the following month. When I started as a new Attending Physician, it was a bit of a shock. I had the necessary skills to take care of patients, but not to function as an employee with ...

Tell Me A Story

My department ran interviews for our residency program over the past several months, and I helped out. I was assigned candidates to speak with, and no list of questions to ask. I decided to encourage each candidate to tell me an interesting story as a way to distinguish between them. Most candidates were not able to give me a story at all and merely listed past experiences in a matter-of-fact tone. Other candidates were slightly more lively in recalling past life events but still seemed out of touch. However, I remember one candidate in particular who was able to draw from some significant past life experiences and share them with me in a way that almost left ...