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  • 1.  IMSH meeting

    Posted 01-22-2023 10:16
    Hello Distance Simulation AG Members,

    I hope many of you were able to travel to Orlando for IMSH. I arrived yesterday, enjoyed the Diamond ball and seeing everyone dressed in their finest. This morning I hit the ground running teaching a masters class. If you are here and see me around come say hi.
    I wanted to also address the face to face meeting we were supposed to have. Unfortunately I was double booked when the DS meeting was scheduled meaning I would miss it, but that wasn't a problem as Cynthia was keen to run it without me. Unfortunately she was not able to attend IMSH at the last minute related to a family emergency. Given this confluence of things we made the decision to cancel the meeting. We are so very sorry we will not be able to have one this year. 

    We will plan to have a virtual one in Feb. or March. After IMSH I will send out a survey to gather time zones so that we can try to plan one where the bulk of the members can participate without being up in the middle of the night.

    I hope to see you around the meeting and I look forward to our first meeting happening soon. Below I share the agenda we had planned, if you all would like to start a conversation around some of the topics we planned to address in the meeting we can gather some information on this forum.
    • Welcome
    • Introductions, where are you from, what do you hope to get out of the group - discussion
    • Reason for starting the group. Share parallel work already being done, i.e. the distance sim research, articles recently published, the summit [it was a great success], the collaboration, anything else that comes to mind - informational 
    • Goals of the group for this year, longer term- discussion
    • Number of meetings per year desired and type of meetings, informational vs discussion vs educational - discussion
    • Interest in leadership - a communications person would be great - an ask
    • What work might we want to engage in as a group? - discussion

    Warmest Regards,
    Jill and Cynthia

    Jill Sanko