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Meeting Minutes from our IMSH face to face meeting

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes from our IMSH face to face meeting

    Posted 21 days ago


    • Welcome

      • Introductions of Cynthia, Jill, Jabeen _informational

      • Introductions by attendees_ice breaker, name, where from, something interesting about themselves

    • Talk about why the group was started and some of the parallel work already being done, i.e. the distance sim research, your article, the summit, the collaboration, anything else that comes to mind - informational 

    • Goals of the group for this year, longer term- discussion

    • Number of meetings per year desired and type of meetings, informational vs discussion vs educational - discussion

    • Virtual Journal club as a way to engage -discussion

    • Speaker - topics of interest? Goal speaker sept. -discussion

    • What work might we want to engage in as a group? - discussion

    • Leadership beyond 2024 IMSH - discussion / nominations

    • Adjourn 

    Total attendance - 10

    Meeting called to order 07:15am


    The floor was opened for thoughts:

    1. Discuss reach - sim connect ignored, suggested other avenues - Whats app, slack, etc.. A what's app chat has been started. The link to join is: https://chat.whatsapp.com/G2DPKchWUIhB2QTQjKTKJ6

    2. Ideas about ways to add content and connect were discussed - Ideas included: 

      1.  pre recorded conversations about a topic.

      2. Host a live distance sim with pitfalls, have it recorded and 

    The question - What do you want? 

    1. Build connection with the collaborative

    2. Personalized email about the group

    3. Round table talks- recordings - grassroots speakers

    4. Post more on Linked in

    5. Fix the description in the sim connect 

    6. Connection within a community, what are the issues, how can we learn from each other. 

    7. Need to share more.

    The question about what the group thought the Priorities should be was asked:

    1. Learn how to create distance learning for team based learning- team based training

    2. Learning about who is in the space - what are they doing

    3. Categories - definition of the categories

    To do:

    1. Use other platforms - LinkedIn - will make an effort to share events and information on Linked In

    2. Sub groups set up - will look into whether sub groups can be created in Sim Connect

    3. Build connection with the collaborative - will work with reps across both groups to foster more of a partnership.

    4. Personalized email about the group - will look into how to do this.

    5. Round table talks- recordings - grassroots speakers - will seek individuals who might be interested in this

    6. Fix the description in the sim connect - it was noted our description is the one for the disaster sim group. A change has been requested to remedy this. 

    Wrap up.

    We did not get to all the agenda items. If anyone would like to become more involved that would be great. We need folks willing to do social media and plan speakers. If you are interested please send an email to Jillsanko@gmail.com with your information and which role you are interested in serving in. Please include a short statement about why you would like to be involved. 

    Meeting Adjourned 

    Jill Sanko