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  • 1.  Using Artificial Intelligence in Distance Simulation

    Posted 09-18-2023 02:01

    There's been A LOT of talk about using AI in simulation. We are dabbling with it at my institution and brainstorming possibilities for its use. We have used it to create scenarios, used it to help with research tasks (reported responsibly!) and also experimented with prompting ChatGTP to respond as a patient. It works pretty well for learners to practice communication skills, patient history-taking, etc.

    I'd love to hear what everyone's doing with AI in distance sim, any ideas you have for its use even if you're not using AI yet but thinking about possible uses. Thinking we can come up with some great ideas to share and build on. 

    Cynthia Mosher PhD, MD, MSHS
    Assistant Professor MGH Institute of Health Professions Boston MA
    Assistant Director, Department of Clinical Skills Alfaisal University College of Medicine Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  • 2.  RE: Using Artificial Intelligence in Distance Simulation

    Posted 09-19-2023 12:51

    Thank you @Cynthia Mosher for getting us started with our first discussion of the Dist Sim AG! We hope these will be engaging conversations for the group that assists in idea formation and increases in knowledge. 

    You are correct Cynthia, AI is front and center of life, at least from what I am seeing. There are high level meetings of the minds here in the US regarding regulations and if there should be some. In my work (higher education) we are discussing and learning how to use this to improve education. In my more personal life, my husband is actively learning how to leverage AI to improve processes in our business. Undoubtedly we will see life change as a result of AI, but question is, will this be good changes or not good. There is a sense that AI could replace jobs, improve healthcare, improve communication and a multitude of other outcomes. 

    I am sharing with a recent blog on how AI is changing healthcare and an article of SBME in the AI era. I really like this figure the authors of the SBME in the AI era present. Gives us stuff to think about!

    Jill Sanko