Multiple sims running at the same time in the same room and Audio solutions

By Ceri Borde posted 07-24-2019 18:00

Good evening Fellow Simops!
My team had a question about running multiple sims in one large room and what your facility might do to help with clarifying audio. For example, we have four mics above each patient bed, but we still pick up groups adjacent to us. Do you guys have any tips or tricks to help focus the audio into one area? Granted, our mics are over five years old. What kinds does your facility use?

Thank you!



12-30-2019 13:40

One of the best ways to get a solution for this problem is to ask an audio integrator to come and take a look at the problem. The visit will be free and they will give you a price to fix it. You can act on that solution or use the information gathered from their experts to find a D-I-Y solution.

09-23-2019 09:01

Check the connection of your current mics... perhaps they are above the ceiling.  See if you can add an extension cord... depending on the type of connection.   This way you can lower the altitude of the mics to be closer to each station.   Also, you mention you have four mics above each station.... try to lower one as close to the participants and cancel the other three... (cancel = mute, disconnect)       Another alternative is to use an iPad lay at the bedside of each station and have a computer or another iPad connected each other via zoom.   Hope these ideas can help you finding a solution to your problem (opportunity).. Gus

08-17-2019 18:21

you can try the it is NOT chip solution but it can help you focus and adjust the location to grab the sound it is like a miracle and you will not need any other microphone or handling charging batteries.

08-13-2019 11:01

Plexiglass shielding is probably the easiest and least obtrusive and can be hung with some stainless steel braided cable pretty easily, but be aware of cutting out what you want to capture. Also can you look at changing out the mics and getting a pattern like a unidirectional cardioid to cut out adjacent areas.