Multiple sims running at the same time in the same room and Audio solutions

By Ceri Borde posted 23 days ago

Good evening Fellow Simops!
My team had a question about running multiple sims in one large room and what your facility might do to help with clarifying audio. For example, we have four mics above each patient bed, but we still pick up groups adjacent to us. Do you guys have any tips or tricks to help focus the audio into one area? Granted, our mics are over five years old. What kinds does your facility use?

Thank you!
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4 days ago

Plexiglass shielding is probably the easiest and least obtrusive and can be hung with some stainless steel braided cable pretty easily, but be aware of cutting out what you want to capture. Also can you look at changing out the mics and getting a pattern like a unidirectional cardioid to cut out adjacent areas.